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(Archived) Tags (Premium and Free Account)


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Hi everyone! 


My company decided to use Evernote to work for projects.


Currently, we have 1 premium account (which I'm using it) and the rest are free account. 


I have created 2 notebooks:-

01. Work-related

02. Projects


and also tags that are necessary for my colleagues to tag (because I understand that free account can't create tags that are not created by the premium account user)


Under 01 Work-related notebook, i have created a notebook with tags like "projects", "need attention", "meeting notes"


My question -  Since I have created the tags and have tagged them to a note, why wouldn't my colleagues able to tag their note using the tags which I have created? 


Thank you very much! 


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Hi - have you tried using this system between yourself and a couple of other colleagues?  Your really need to carry out some feasibility testing and identify issues like this that may require work-arounds.


Your central account will have an email address,  and (provided the volume is not great) you could provide others with that address and the details of Evernote's email "tagging" system - http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/07/19/quick-tip-emailing-into-evernote-plus-email-tips/ to allow them to tag new notes and assign them to a notebook...

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