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(Archived) Error with Opera Mini

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I'm using opera mini 4.2.1 on a sony erricson, whenever I try and log in either secured or insecure I recieve a error message stating "Unable to complete secure transaction.Secure connection: fatal error (70). Handshake failed because the server does not want to accept the enabled SSL/TLS protocol versions"

Hmmm...any ideas?

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This error message seems to be saying that you can't connect to our SSL server because our server doesn't support the "flavor" of SSL that your browser supports.

I checked on our end and I can't see any obvious cause for this error. We have an SSL certificate from Verisign using a 2048-bit RSA key. This is the most common SSL certificate provider, and the most common key type.

Our SSL server supports secure protocols: SSL v2, SSL v3, and TLS v1, with a variety of different keys.

This SSL server doesn't produce any errors in other desktop or mobile browsers when people go to https://www.evernote.com/

So my guess is that this problem may be particular to your provider's browser and network setup. According to this blog, Opera Mini does not do SSL on the phone itself, but rather relies on an intermediary party to handle the SSL:

http://johndotorgslashblog.wordpress.co ... onnection/

That may be misconfigured.

Do you have access to any other mobile browsers on that device that you could use to compare?

Do you get any errors if you go to https://www.verisign.com/ ?


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Thanks for the reply Dave.

Using the built in Sony Ericsson browser works fine, I can log in and view my notes as normal.

I didn't get any errors browsing verisign.com via opera mini.

I guess all this does seem to point to a problem with opera mini rather than evernote.

Thanks again

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