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(Archived) A cool (undocumented?) feature of new Skitch image markup

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Marked as "other" because it works across Mac and iOS. Don't know about Windows and Android.


When you open an image for markup with Skitch from Evernote, the Skitch markings are maintained, even across syncing between Mac and iPad!


To check this out, create a note with an image and then:

  1. Right click the image and "Markup with Skitch"
  2. Add a stamp or something to the image
  3. Close Skitch with cmd-w or red x, and "Close and Save"
  4. Sync Mac
  5. Sync on iPad
  6. Open the same note on iPad and click on the image to open full screen
  7. Click the Skitch button on the bottom of the page
  8. You will see that you can select and change the Skitch markups made on the Mac
  9. Move the markups around, close and "Save to Evernote"
  10. Sync iPad
  11. Sync Mac
  12. Open the image with Skitch again – you can still move the Skitch markings around!



If you edit the image with other software, Skitch markups get "flattened" and you can no longer select them when you open the image in Sktich again.


If you rotate the image with the Evernote rotate function, same thing – image gets flattened.


Pretty nice hidden (?) feature, though!

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