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(Archived) Reminder Widget add extra filter for Notebook/tag


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The new Android reminder widget is very nice, but please add an extra filter so we are able to list reminder for a specific tag or notebook.

(I've tried to use a saved search for this, but then the reminder checkboxes aren't visible in the list).

Any ideas if there's a solution for this?

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Sorry - didn't understand how you want to see a reminder for a tag or notebook.  You can remind yourself to look at tag:searches,  and cut and paste from the reminder into the search bar when you get the prompt.  Similar with notebooks - you just can't link directly to either.

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I guess I wasn't clear in the first post.

The new list widget can only show ALL reminders, right?

I want to be abble to add an extra filter so I can create a widget with all reminders in Notebook A, and another widget of all reminders in notebook B.

Or all reminders with Tag X

Or even better : a saved search for this list widget (then I can combine notebooks/tags).

Real life example : I use the tag @ShoppingMarket for all my groceries. When I'm in the supermarket all I would have to do is have a look at this specific widget.

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Ah - a great light dawns.  Best I can suggest - you can select "saved search" as one of the widget display options (except for me this isn't working yet...) so once that's available you could at least run a quick search when you want to shop..


The reminders feature seems to be in development still,  so I guess there could be more to follow.

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When I use a saved search the list switches to a default note view and then all the handy checkboxes are gone. This is not really an option for me.

I agree that development is still in an early stage, but this implementation is a bit too basic to be useful.

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