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(Archived) EN premium free access to Office Suite not working?


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Really nice, the new capability of being able to edit MS Office documents attached to a note!


However, the "unlimited access" for Premium users promised in the Evernote Blog post of July 17 doesn't seem to be working. My one-week trial to Office Suite 7 Pro has a day left and there's no indication that I'll even be able to open the Office Suite Pro app tomorrow unless I purchase a license.


Can you please advise?


Thank you!



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I to cannot get my premium free access to work.  I chatted with Evernote tech and they pointed me to the general support page for Office Suite  :(  Have not heard anything from the OfficeSuite people.  I have tried re-installing Evernote after OfficeSuite and that doesn't seem to trigger anything.


Would really like this feature!

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Thanks, Heather, for the link to the ongoing discussion about this subject. When I searched for it in the Adroid forum I didn't find that thread. I'm therefore considering this one closed.

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