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Feature Request: Branded Shared Notes

Rheinard Korf


I'll keep this request very brief…


I'm a teacher who share a lot of notes with my students (and slowly getting other teachers to do the same). The problem with sharing the notes via a Shared URL is that the landing page is pretty much Evernote. Seeing though that we are paying for Business accounts, surely co-branding wouldn't be completely out of the question?


The idea:

The same wonderful live note, but instead of the green Evernote branding, the colours can be customised with a fixed location for a small Business logo. The Evernote branding can stay, but perhaps in a less prominent place? Like the footer of a note with a caring statement as the tagline. Eg. "Lovingly Powered by Evernote"


Hopefully someone in the Dev/Roadmap team will see this message :)


Kind Regards,

Rheinard Korf

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