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(Archived) Checklist not working in Android


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I created a checklist in the desktop version of Evernote (Mac). And then I started using it on my Android phone, and for a week or so it worked fine - I could check something, add something, delete something. 


However, now, on the Android version (Galaxy S4), when I try to edit it, I get this error message, "This note contains some unsupported formatting." "This version of Evernote does not support inline editing of webclips. Tap each individual part to edit the content." 


On the Android version, I can edit each to-do's text, but not create a new check box, or check the box as done. 


There was also a synching problem early on, where I was going back-and-forth on the phone and laptop. It create a conflict changes version that I eventually resolved, but this is about the point where the mobile version stopped functioning correctly. 


Got any advice? 


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I' have a similar problem. 

In my case I create a new note on my Android phone (Nexus4) and when I choose the check boxes it only appear in the first line. When I click "enter" I write perfectly on the second line but the check box is missing. 

This is happening since the last update (Aug 21, 2013) v5.2.3

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i see it too. galaxy s 3. first line puts a checkbox, second line indents but doesn't put a checkbox. then if you click the checkbox button while on the second line, it removes the checkbox from the first line and the indents from both lines.


my annoying workaround is to hit the "bullet list" button on the second line, then hit it again to remove the bullet dot, then hit the checkbox button to create the checkbox.


I can say with certainty that this used to work properly with a checkbox on every new line.

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I found some posts on SwiftKey's site regarding this issue when I was doing some googling last night, so I think they are aware of that issue.


In my case, I really need to use Evernote to take notes, and I definitely need bullet points! So I found an old version ( of SwiftKey after some googling. Installed the apk and it replaced the newest version, so now it's working! 

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