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When using the Android app, especially on a phone, I find that the Dashboard gets in the way.  By Dashboard I mean the very first section that is shown on the left.  Over this the notebooks and nots can be slid.


The dashboard should be removed and its functions accessed via the menu.


The Quick buttons for New Note, Photo, Audio or attachments could be moved to the toolbar.

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I don't mind the dashboard myself. I think that the new note buttons could be smaller, and maybe made available off a toolbar menu, but I don't see how they'd all fit on the phone toolbar, where that space is taken up by other important information/tools (for example, I use search a lot more than the note creation tools because creating written note content is a lot harder on Android in general than on a desktop). The fact that the dashboard settings are where they are helps to keep clutter down, and the sliding gesture to expose them (or poking the elephant) seem reasonably natural to me, help keep the toolbar and menus from getting too busy, and the fact that it can be hidden makes me feel that it's actually more out of the way than in it. Just my opinion anyways.

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