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(Archived) Transparency and Text Color


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I really do want to like skitch 2. But Skitch one is still a much better product. 

I love that you've given us the option to remove that text outline, but now we can only have black text.

That is a major drawback, could we please get the option to use other colours.


And also, why can't we change the background colour of our image (Especially to make it transparent).

I used to love making quick transparent images on skitch and exporting them as pngs, what is the point of having png with no transparency options. 


I keep deleting Skitch 2.0 to revert to 1.0. I'm going to have to do that again today.

Evernote, please fix this product and re-implement our favourite features again.


Another suggestion would be to give us a selection tool again to let us delete more than one thing at a time (without doing the control trick)

And skitch 1.0's resizing and cropping is still BY FAR superior to the current methods.


I've been an evernote premium subscriber for years,

but I'm thinking of stopping after this destruction of one of my favourite apps ever.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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