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(Archived) Version 5 scrollbar too narro

Dan C

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The Notebook scrollbar is about 1/3 the size of standard windows client scrollbar.   It's very difficult to "hit" with a mouse cursor, and I have no idea how you would be able to manipulate it through a touch interface.

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Second this!  I keep trying to scroll down and accidently moving my tags around.  If you're either too far left or too far right of that tiny scroll bar, you'll end up grabbing and moving a tag or notebook instead of scrolling.

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I've had difficulty locating / grabbing / moving the scrollbars.




  • The one in the Left Panel
  • The one on a note you "open" or pop out.


The one in the note list is actually an "old style" scrollbar and still grabbable.  UI Note - probably should be "skinned" or a "new style" to be consistent.l

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Oh, thank god. I did a search for "navigation slider too narrow" and got nothing. Figured it was just me suffering this problem. When I got my head straight and searched for "scroll bar" bam! All kinds of you out there. 

This design flaw is driving me nuts. I keep accidentally clicking notebooks and, because I think I have the scroll bar, I've dragged the folder down the screen before I notice the problem. I have notebooks stuffed inside of notebooks all over the place because of this. I hope there's a fix coming down the pike.

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