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(Archived) iOS App: Memory hog issues resolved yet?


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I currently have a Free Account. I use EN on ipad2 and iPhone 3GS

I LOVE the concept of EN. I a, VERY tempted to sign up for a Premium account for the offline notes and Related Notes feature.

HOWEVER........ I have read loads about the iOS Apps taking up unexplainable amounts of ,Emory and not releasing it when notes are deleted, etc. apparently some people have resigned themselves to periodically installing and reinstalling the app just to "clean up" the database? This is not acceptable to me. I want to use EN because I want to SAVE time, not spend time messing about trying to get precious memory back.

Surely these issues have now been resolved???? I have the latest version of the iOS EN app released a couple of days ago. Can anyone confirm if this latest version has resolved these memory issues????

If I dive into EN, I want to dive in 100%- and to do so, I need to be satisfied that the mobile Clients are robust and work properly.

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  So far as I know,  the databases for the free and the premium versions of Evernote are the same - except that obviously if you download notes to your phone you'll have more data available locally which could start to fill up your available storage.  If what you have is working well enough for you, and you have enough storage to hold your notes there shouldn't be an issue.  If you do find things slow down,  you can always reinstall / reduce your offline note storage / downgrade your membership with minimal effort.  Uninstall/ reinstall is hardly the issue with a phone that it is with a desktop computer.

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