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(Archived) Please tell me I'm wrong...


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First, I don't understand why Skitch's functionality is not integrated directly into EN.  I already have one EN helper which will grab a screen shot, why do I need another when all I want is the mark up capability.


Here is how I perceive that Skitch currently works:


1)  I grab something off my screen with Skitch, annotate it and it is saved to the Skitch notebook in EN.

2)  I move it to another notebook.

3)  I'm now informed that the note cannot be edited from EN.

4)  I move it back to the Skitch notebook.

5)  I open it from Skitch, make a further edit, and it is saved back to the Skitch notebook.

6)  I move it to the notebook where I really want it, and it is no longer editable in Skitch.





1) I grab something off the screen with the EN helper and it is saved to my default EN notebook.

2) I move it to another notebook.

3) I right click the image and select Open with Skitch (because the default will open it with Preview)

4) I edit it as desired, then click "Save to Evernote" and it saved back to EN in the correct notebook.


For a company named "Evernote", I don't see the utility in having a free external app that when used constrains the user to a single notebook in a product who's virtue is the ability to organize information into notebooks and stacks.


What am I missing here?

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@Boatguy - Skitch is a free app designed to enable users to Grab->Communicate->Share what is most important to them. It's used by millions of users who both have an don't have an Evernote account. It is designed to work as a stand alone app, but also now works nicely with Evernote Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Desktop to enable easy markup of images, PDFs, (Currently Mac, iOS, & Android), or even convert an entire Note to a PDF for markup (currently Mac & iOS). Thanks to this functionality (you must have the latest versions of both Mac Skitch and Evernote) your steps can be as simple as:


First Use Case

1) (Same steps)

2) (Same steps if you want)

3) Do the following:


4) Click "Save to Evernote" to save any changes to your Skitch Note.


For your second use case it can be as easy as:

1) (Same step as you wrote)

2) (Same step if you want)

3) Do any of the following:


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I'm with  Boatguy.  When I open an existing note in EN, and click on the new Skitch icon, my only option is to create ANOTHER note edited by skitch

now I have two notes, and the new edited one isn't useable as a traditional EN note.  IE, no command L to name command " to tag, etc.  I have never

liked skitch because of all the additional steps and I DONT want a SECOND note in EN that is a skitch note.   just let me annotate my notes with skitch or whatever

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Mea culpa!


My mistake as I had not updated to EN 5.2 (due to other bugs in 5.2) so the the Skitch created note had a padlock and could not be edited once it was moved out of the Skitch notebook. With EN 5.2 it does work as expected.


That said, while it's wonderful that there are millions of Skitch users, for a paying premium EN customer like myself (and my wife and my architect), a separate app is much more cumbersome that had the annotation functionality been built directly into EN.  Imagine that I needed "EN Bold" every time I wanted to put some text in bold.  Just open a separate app, bold the text and save it back - what could be easier?


It seems like more of the EN "stove pipe" product management and development mentality.

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@Boatguy - Thanks for the feedback and glad to see that part of the issue was resolved with the upgrade to 5.2. We're investigating how we can make markup in Evernote even easier, but this was the first step in that direction. And I agree with your example that having something like "EN Bold" would be very silly, but at Evernote we treat Skitch, similar to Penultimate. They are part of the total Evernote family of products. Much like Numbers, Pages, and Keynote all make up iWork, they can also be purchased as a suite or as stand-alone in order to meet your specific needs.

We are working to bring tighter integration while at the same time maintaining flexibility for all of our users. 


@gelovan - Have you upgraded to Evernote 5.2? Sounds like you might be running an older version. 

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