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(Archived) Future Request: make local notebooks syncable on file level

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Local notebooks hold the information that shouldn't be accessible and stored on the cloud. But there's no reason for them not to be synced over my computers - without being stored on the cloud.

There are many services that do secure file syncing - the only problem is that local notebooks are now part of the same database as regular notebooks.

Would you consider storing local notebooks within separate files, capable of atomic file replacement (i.e. file is open for write only when necessary)?

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This would be really difficult, because we need to do searching and sorting across all of your notebooks for many operations. This is reasonable if they're all in the same database file, but not really manageable if they're scattered across many files.

For people who really need to carry local notebooks between multiple computers, I'd recommend using a U3 portable drive with our U3 edition of Evernote to carry your database. (And back up your U3 drive periodically to prevent against damage/loss.)

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Well, another way to enable it is to add a merge option to ENScript.

User could schedule export of data from local notebooks, the exported file would be synced, and then user could schedule merging that file with the local database.

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