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(Archived) Trouble annotating images in Skitch for ipad as the screen keeps moving


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I had not used Skitch for a while but something seems to have changed from my previous use as I now find a task I used to do - annotating screen shots - almost impossible.

I have checked and re-disabled Multi-tasking Gestures, which I thought would be the problem.

However, I still find that I cannot use a stylus on the screen to annotate an image without holding my wrist completely off the screen, else it continually tries to resize and move the image and draws unwanted marks on it.

Is there some other setting that has changed which might cause this?

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@TRE - I think you experiencing iOS detecting your palm as additional touch events. Skitch does not (nor have we had) "Palm detection" which is a method that some note taking apps use to differentiate between a finger/stylus and a palm. It's an interesting idea that we may investigate in the future.

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Thanks Joe. You're right and it is the wrist causing the problem. I now realize that the previous experience I referred to where this want an issue was actually with Penultimate, not Skitch. It would be really helpful to add the palm detection feature in Skitch.


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