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(Archived) Skitch doesn't deserve to be a premium feature

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This may sound a lot like I wish I had PDF annotation with skitch (I've had annotation for a long time, just not w/ skitch) , and I'm too cheap to pay.  But in this case, after using the beta, it's the opposite.  The skitch system is buggy, slow and a MB hog!


Instead, on a Mac I can easily right-click > open with > preview - and I have nearly all of the annotation tools I want/need.  It's a lot faster, much less buggy, and as far as I can tell, a lot lighter on the MB.


And if you're worried about it not syncing to evernote - press save - it will.


I guess what I'm saying is that PDF annotation on skitch isn't worthy of being a premium feature since there are easier, faster and less resource heavy methods of annotating pdf's on Evernote.



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