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(Archived) How do I remove Skitch from Evernote?


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Skitch is clearly aimed at simple annotations for images - and to some lesser extent PDFs.


However, I am not happy with it for a number of reasons (none of which are bugs):

  • I am clearly not the intended user. My annotation needs are focused on PDFs - and I especially need to be able to extract highlighted text and my own notes (with page numbers) and maintain all the functionality of PDF layers. (I installed Skitch because I thought it might alleviate round-trip handling between PDFs in Evernote - which provides all my meta-data needs - and my annotation tools.)
  • I hate that Skitch messes with my notes adding what seem to be useless headers to my notes and messing with the edit and view behaviour of PDFs in Evernote. 

That Skitch is simple and uncomplicated is probably a good thing for many users. In my case the capability level falls so far below my requirements it is actually annoying and is degrading my experience of Evernote in general. 


So, how do I get rid of it....? 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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