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(Archived) New Windows 8 Computer & Evernote


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Hi Everyone, 
I use Evernote quite frequently. I recently just purchased a new laptop which has Windows 8 installed. (Yeah, don't start... it is what it is). Anyway, I installed Evernote and went to go start it up and it gave me a message that stated: "Unable to sync to the server", which is odd since I have not been able to put in my credentials yet. So I uninstalled it thinking that maybe it did not install correctly? I reinstalled and the same error again. 

I did some browsing on the forums and found that it was an internet explorer related issue possibly... So I back tracked and check to see if the Internet Explorer was working. It's not in offline mode... but it also is not exploring. Chrome is working swimmingly with the internet.

So I went to the Windows website to see if I could find myself a fresh EXE to repair IE if it's broken. By the way, total off rant, but I HATE the Windows 8 site... it is impossible to find anything, they make you go in an endless circle. I don't have my exe... and my Evernote is still not working. Normally I'm a solve it on my own, but I really need help with this one. Especially with being new to Windows 8. 

Thanks everyone. 

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