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(Archived) change the default book evernote send emails to


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i know i can change the destination by putting it in the subject line but here me out.


i using a rule in my works outlook 2007 , that send al my email in to evernote, the problem is i cant get the rule to add subject line to which i can tell it which nook to send it to.


besides my default is for reminders for now


Can i change or tell evernote that whatever note i send via email to be sent to a book without the subject line trick?

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In the Windows client version of Evernote, go to the Left Panel.

Right click on the notebook you want to be the default and select Properties.

Then click the option to Make This My Default Notebook.


The notebook has to be a Synchronized Notebook, not a Local Notebook.

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Again if i set it as default ,my reminders and also other things might get in that book.

I just want it for the email that is auto forwarded from my outlook(which again the rule won't let me ad a new subject line with the folder name that I want)

Is there not a way or app to tell Evernote all emails go into this note book? With out using the subject line trick or changing my default

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