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(Archived) Evernote constantly scrolls on its own


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Hello Evernote, I'm experiencing problems while trying to select/sort files.


Every few seconds, Evernote jumps its Notes list to the last selected note.



1) I select a note at the top of the screen

2) I scroll down so it is no longer visible

3) Evernote bumps me back to the top within 0-2 seconds


1) I select several notes a couple PageDowns lower than the top of the list

2) I scroll up past all my selected notes

3) Evernote bumps me down so that the last note I selected is visible at the bottom of the part of the list visible to me.



Something about Evernote scrolling me to the last note I selected is happening. This does not always occur, either, which makes it even harder to pinpoint, but it has happened a couple times.

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This has been a *cough* feature of Evernote for Windows since I've used it (about 2 years now). I've seen several forum posts related to it with no real interest from devs/etc in fixing it. For all that Evernote is amazing at there are a fair shake of really tedious bugs like this that make me yell obscenities at it on a regular basis. For whatever it's worth, it seems that restarting Windows or Evernote fixes this problem most of the time.  No real help, but hey misery and company eh?



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