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[Feature Request] Compare conflicting copies and resolve conflicts


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This has already been requested, but it needs to be requested again. Right now there is no meaningful way to identify and resolve conflicts. Indeed, it is often times unclear why conflicts are occurring in the first place. Even if I have only been editing a note on one device, I'll still discover, over time, that it has been added to the "Conflicting Changes" folder. What are the conflicts? What is it conflicting with? The server copy? A copy on another device? No indication is given whatsoever. How do I know whether I am working with the right copy? Makes me a little scared to track important data in Evernote, honestly.


What I request is:

  • A list of all different copies. For example, maybe a note is being edited via Web, mobile, and desktop---this should be stated.
  • A tool for comparing all copies
  • The option to sync all other copies with a chosen copy (effectively eliminating any copies)


The ability to compare changesets is fundamental in the programming world, as the Evernote developers know. No doubt everyday they use a version control system to track copies of their code and compare revisions. I consider this a basic feature of any software that must maintain copies of data.

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