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(Archived) Possible to link between Evernote Notes?

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Ditto. I'd like to be able to link to other notes within Evernote. This would really make navigation between items more intuitive and faster, since it would cut down on having to search or filter via tags/notebooks/attributes etc. I realize this is getting dangerously close to the 'wiki' side of things, but it would sure be the bee's knees as far as I'm concerned.

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I would love to see this feature, but for the time being I have a workaround based on searching:

I put the title of the note I want to link to, or some text from the note (or even just a more general search term if I want to "link" to several notes) in [square brackets] in the body of the note I'm "linking" from. Whenever I come across something in square brackets I know this is a "link", and I can copy the text to the search box to easily find the relevant note. I know this isn't exactly a quick & easy shortcut, but it's not too complicated and does a reasonable job of mimicking the functionality that would be offered through internote linking when I really need to create a connection between notes.

Evernote could make this a lot easier by giving us right-click menu option to "search for selected text" or by allowing us to drag text to the search box.

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one of my biggest requests for EN, would love to have a few master lists with to-dos or project name and have the ability to link to other notes or a specific notebook. it would be nice to have sub-notebooks as well. something like...

-website project

*layout ("layout" would be a link to a notebook or specifc note)

*product page

-training manuals


it would be nice if I could generate an automatic list of notebooks and notes contained in the notebook..

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