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(Archived) Hyperlinks no longer syncing from android to desktop?

AA Wade

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Hi. One of the many things that I use Evernote for is to store tweets for later reading/reference of links on my desktop work machine. I tend to read twitter on my old android and have always had no problems storing through the Evernote app. I updated my android Evernote yesterday - first time in a while - and now the stored tweets do not have active hyperlinks when read on my desktop Evernote. The text is there, and can be transformed using Ctrl-K, but the links are no longer automatically active. When I look on Android, the same notes do have the active links. Is there a trick I am missing, is this a deliberate change, or is it a bug?


It's not a massive deal, but I do tend to store and then access 50+ tweets a day and Ctrl-K-ing all of those links is going to be rather annoying. Any ideas or should I be looking to change my habits?

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