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I believe that all my notes are stored on my local hard drive as well as the Evernote Servers. However, I need to back-up to an external hard drive. If I copy the file on my local hard drive (C:Evernote/databases3), how would I be able to open it in case something ever happened to Ever note? I notice the extension is a .EXB file.

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If you are using Evernote 2.x:

You can either replace the corrupted file in your Evernote directory with your known good file, or you can use the File->Backup option to backup your database, and if anything happens, you'll be able to either "Import" your database back into 2.x or into 3.x.

If you are using Evernote 3.x:

Hit Start->Run-> "cmd"

And change to your Evernote directory (C:\Program Files\Evernote, by Default.)

Use the "ENScript.exe" utility to export notes to .enex files.

For example, this would export all notes from the "Cooking" notebook to a file named "c:\cooking.enex":

ENScript.exe exportNotes /q "notebook:Cooking" /f c:\cooking.enex

This would export all of your notes to a file named "c:\all.enex":

ENScript.exe exportNotes /q "created:19710101" /f c:\all.enex

For more information on this, you can go here:

http://www.evernote.com/about/developer ... ipting.php

Once you've exported your notebooks to .enex files, they can be imported into other copies of Evernote (share them with your friends!) or simply kept as backups in case something happens to your database.

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Thank you for the information but I don't have a corrupted file...just wanted to know how to make a "copy" of the locally stored files to an external hard-drive. I'm not too technical and wanted to make sure I got all of my notes backed-up. Thank you, again.

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