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Horizontal scrolling ? Where ?

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I have created a note by clipped a page from internet. The note shows up in Evernote, but I can't see the right part of the clipped page and I can't find an horizontal scroll bar in order to see the page. This was in Windows.

Than I sync with my Android phone and the same thing happened, on the phone I saw even less than what I can see in Windows.


I must be missing something, horizontal scroll bar must be there somewhere, or at least a way to scroll to the right.



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No, I don't think you are missing anything. The Evernote clipper has a tough time with some web pages, especially the ones with ads along the side. I prefer Evernote Clearly over the Clipper. Clearly avoids capturing some of the extra fluff and focuses on the content. But if you need the entire web page as a perfect duplicate, you will probably have to find a different program.


When I have run into a problem, I copy the URL into a forum message.Sometimes an Evernote employee will take note of it and try to adjust the program for the next release.

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If you do ever need to save a full page, and it will actually fit on your screen, you can use the Screen capture feature of EN. On the Window's platform the default is WINkey + PrtScn. then just click on the the top of the browser window. But if you just need the content, you can use Clearly. It does a great job of getting the meat of the webpage and removing the adds and other garbage from around the main content.

Good luck

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This is one of a huge list of complaints/disappointments I have with Evernote 5.  It often just does not have a horizontal scroll-bar, whether in snippet view, or separate window that is not maximized - making part of the note unviewable.  This NEVER happened to me with Evernote 4.  Pretty basic.  How I wish they just added Reminders to the Evernote 4 interface and called it a day - so much more solid.

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I know this is an old thread, but  using the option "Simplified Article" while using Evernote Clipper is somehow a solution to the problem. It gets a clearer view of whatever article your are clipping and it wraps it just so you don't need a horizontal bar to read the whole content you've just clipped. I hope it helps.

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