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(Archived) Way to disable/block sync of file types for cell apps?

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Hi folks-

I know a feature like this is almost contrary to the nature and purpose of a program like Evernote, but on my home and work computers I have some larger movie files that are "accessory" to the body of the note, meaning they aren't key content. I'd like to prevent my iPhone from downloading 1GB of movie files in this context. Is there a way I haven't found to a) limit file size 2) limit file types or 3) turn off sync for certain notes/folders on just my iPhone app versus my entire account?



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If you are a premium user, you can create Offline notebooks, wherein all note content of that note is kept loaded on your mobile device. If a note is not in an offline notebook (the case for all notes of a free user), then the note content should not be downloaded unless you try to view it explicitly. If you have notes like these, then a) don't put them into Offline notebooks and/or B) don't view them on your mobile device. For option b, it might be easier to keep them in a separate note book so that you don't try to open one of these notes by accident.

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