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(Archived) Android client missing features. Why?!

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Hi all,

I have been using Evernote for some time now and my use is expanding as I move more and more of my activity to it.


However, I am extremely frustrated by the disparity in features between desktop clients and mobile clients. EN on my Android tablet, for example, cannot change font colours or highlight text, nor change indenting or create tables.


I really can't imagine that implementing the exact same manipulations in the Android client would be hard? The Android client can render notes containing these items fine (it is just HTML after all), but cannot create them or edit them effectively.


If I want to use EN as a "go anywhere with any device" note making tool, then I have to either keep mental track of where certain notes or parts of notes where made and attempt to apply colour coding in my head, or use the mobile devices to make "rough drafts" which I will colour code later, or restrict myself to only using that subset of features that is available on all devices and shoehorn my use case into that.


Surely this is annoying more people than just me?

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Hi. Welcome to the forums!

Most of those features are available on iOS, so I bet they wlll come to Android soon. If you use a lot of devices, then it is best to stick with the lowest common denominator (as you mentioned at the end of your post). In my case, I use Android as well, so I work in plain text. Plain text suits me just fine, but I could certainly see why it wouldn't be sufficient for others.

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Restricting myself to the lowest common denominator has sufficed for plain text notes up until now. However, as I said, my use cases are expanding and I am moving more things to EN from ON as I find myself in more situations where I have my tablet but not my laptop. I also have various uses where taking complex notes is required, indentation and colour coding makes it far easier than trying to be explicit using text only.


While I do have other items on my En wishlist, I would like to make it clear that if there is any voting system or whatever for desired features, my vote would be squarely behind this one.

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