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(Archived) Cannot Open Evernote Desktop Client therefore access Local Notebooks


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The thesis is this: I cant use the desktop client and I NEED to as I have 1000+ important notes stored on LOCAL notebooks. I am paralyzed and am a sitting duck without being able to access those notes. I have spent at least 16 hours trying to figure this out and still no solution. So I am calling in the SWAT team to help. 


The information below will be of use for you & help you help me [and anyone else who has this issue, past, present, or future]




A few points:

  1. Ignore the caplocks. I do most of my .txt typing in it. So please don't comment on how rude I am. It is just my style of working. 
  2. I have done more than my due diligence so I request to use my lifeline to phone a friend, BugerNFries, to specifically respond and help me with this You have been by far the most competent during my research to try to solve this on my own. 
  3. I have attached the last log I have before this issue reared its ugly head and I started troubleshooting

txt.gif  AppLog_2013-07-04.txt   255.33KB   1 downloads

txt.gif  AppLog_2013-07-07.txt   2.51KB   1 downloads

txt.gif  AppLog_2013-07-08.txt   2.11KB   1 downloads


  1. I have multiple redundant backups of the evernote files and the files in evernote but those are all last resort 'grab the golden football, get the activation codes, & launch the nukes' scenario. I have spent hours trying to avoid doing that as it would take about a week to get up to speed. [Not that I am approaching it pretty quickly as I've already lost 2 days in productivity trying to fix this]
  2. I am an engineer, not a computer engineer, but an engineer nonetheless. I love to and can solve problems but stuff like this I do not have any patience for because I have alot going on in life and I have spent months perfecting my evernote filing system{Shout out to David Allen & GTD!!!}. As Ben Franklin said " A place for everything, everything in its place".  
  3. I work in some of the most dangerous situations known to man so I know all about procedures, redundant systems, unplanned events, preventative maintenance, and putting your nose to the grind to fix it yourself but I am also smart enough to call in the experts [which apparently the evernote support team is not, as I am getting basic responses from them] to help me solve this issue. 


Some useful information to help you help me

  1. I do have a ticket opened with the support team. They have been lackluster in their assistance. 
  2. I have attached the last 4[four] logs before this issue transpired. This is so you can see what the program was logging before and after the issue arose.
    1. It will mention that it states I have insufficient memory, which is false.
      1. I went out yesterday and spend 5 hours & $100+ getting my memory upgraded from 4GB of RAM to 10GB of RAM. 
      2. I also used the programs Disk Space Fan 4 & WinDirStat to analyze my C/ Drive. The current state of my C Drive is [Capacity 88.1GB | USED 65.9GB | FREE 22.2 GB]. 
    2. So evidently these are moot issues right now. Even if they weren't then, which I highly think they were irrelevant at the time, they certainly are now and this issue is still present. 
  3. I also have attached a screen shot of the error message that came up. 


My Standard Operating Procedures to try to rectify the situation on my own


  1. Backup the files in  C:\Users\Mej4d\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Database  to MULTIPLE  safe remote location
  2.  Also Made a redundant backup of the specific file USERNAME.EXB in other locations. 



BurgersNFries, on 09 Dec 2011 - 7:11 PM, said:snapback.png

How to backup your Windows client Evernote database

  • Invoke Evernote
  • Go to tools/options/general tab. This shows the folder where your Evernote database & associated files live on your Windows computer. Make a note of it.
  • Completely exit Evernote. IE, make sure no EN icon is showing in the system tray.
  • Copy & paste the folder noted above. I prefer to append the date of the backup in the folder name in YYYYMMDD format. IE, I will copy "My EN Files" to "My EN Files 20111209". This is helpful when you have multiple backups b/c you can sort them chronologically & also quickly know when the backup was done.
  • That's it.
FYI, the most crucial file is the YourUserName.exb file where "YourUserName" is your EN account login name. But I prefer to backup all the files. If you wish, you can simply copy the exb file.

EDIT on 2/3/2012: ALL notebooks, regardless if they are local (non-sync'd) or sync'd are stored in your exb file. All attachments are also stored in your exb file. IOW, this gets the whole kit & kaboodle.

(Or is that kitten kaboodle???)





jefito, on 04 Mar 2013 - 4:16 PM, said:snapback.png

The usual first suggestion is to completely uninstall Evernote, possibly using the Revo uninstaller product, and then reinstalling.



  3. THEN ADD THE MJOHS.EXB FILE TO THE C:\Users\Mej4d\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Database  ACCORDING TO THIS PROCEDURE. 


BurgersNFries, on 09 Sept 2012 - 1:02 PM, said:snapback.png


'ChapStick', on 09 Sept 2012 - 11:13 AM, said:snapback.png


First of all, let me say thank you to everyone who has posted such helpful info on this thread!

I do, however, have what are probably a few "duh" questions regarding backup:

1.) After I make an EN backup, how do I open the .exb file extension? Can this only be opened via EverNote?
2.) If I assume the worst happens and I lose my EN information in a crash, will I be able to later use my backup with the .exb file extension to reopen (and therefore recover) all of my files in EN?

Thank you for your help!

The exb file is a MySQL database file.

In Windows, to restore from a backup or move your database to another computer:

'Wern', on 24 Jul 2012 - 4:51 PM, said:snapback.png

Hi Tymbee,
welcome to the forum.
Actually it is quite simple:

Install a new and clean EN app on your new harddisk.
Go to TOOLS >> OPTIONS to make sure where your (new and empty) database file is located (username.exb).
Then replace that file with your backup .exb file (the old one that you saved).
Exit and restart EN.
You should see your notes.
Good luck.



I follow these SOP's ACCORDING TO THE FOLLOWING WORKAROUNDS FOUND ON THIS FORM from none other than BURGERNFRIES. Shout out to you BurgerNFries. Btw my favorite Burger Joint in California is In-N-Out Burger; in Texas WhataBurger lol.



One last point of consideration





AFTER I DO The aforementioned I BRIEFLY SEE MY NOTES AND THEN THE ORIGINAL ISSUE COMES BACK UP. I AM STARTING TO BELIEVE IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE  mjohs.exb file being corrupted. Something of this relevance is mentioned in this fourm 

Owyn, on 23 Jun 2012 - 06:19 AM, said:snapback.png

I have done this many times (at least 5) to prime a new EN Windows environment.
I have always however used a known good copy of my user.exb.
In OP's case the backup database may be corrupt.

Though in my opinion this would not make sense because 
  1. it was not stated in the logs
  2. My hard drive did not crash
  3. I have the mjohs.exb file that I recovered from my backup and consequently used and still same issue. 
  1. INSTALLING THE EVERNOTE version on an external harddrive i.e. not the C/ Drive
  2. Installing an older version of the software  EVERNOTE version
  3. Installing an older version of the software  EVERNOTE version ON AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE




Evernote crashes every time its started with:

'Evernote.exe v. has encountered a problem and needs to close'

C++ Runtime Library: 'runtime error'

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The SWAT team *is* support, you just haven't gone far enough with them. It's unlikely that the user community can your crashing Evernote, and I personally am not going to even try to follow all of the combinations of facts/situations you've presented, I'm sorry to say. I will report this, though, and hopefully you'll get escalated.

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Thank you for the logs and information--looks like it's getting a further look into.  I've appended this thread to your ticket as well to make sure our techs have everything they need.

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Thank you for the logs and information--looks like it's getting a further look into.  I've appended this thread to your ticket as well to make sure our techs have everything they need.




Thank you. I appreciate this getting your attention. This is important to me and think it is for the company. I have high respect for people who try to help and offer solutions in any capacity. 


I think the fact A) I have done my research and due diligence by trying multiple routes personally & B) Having this issue not come to light except in 1 or 2 circumstances; will allow an expedited & useful learning opportunity for me, other clients, & the company


Thanks again. Have a great day and weekend.




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The SWAT team *is* support, you just haven't gone far enough with them. It's unlikely that the user community can your crashing Evernote, and I personally am not going to even try to follow all of the combinations of facts/situations you've presented, I'm sorry to say. I will report this, though, and hopefully you'll get escalated.


Thank you for your Note, jefito. 


I appreciate your response.  


All I shall say is yes, while wordy, I think it saves time reducing the communication & questions being asked.


Also, I have spent a good amount of time reading the boards & working with the Evernote team. While I appreciate insight from both, you must realize that employees at evernote have 1,000's+ requests so the quality vs. quanity issues comes into play. I am sure most of the issues presented to them, though an assumption, are basic problems that can be solved by the user doing some 'homework'.  Plus like almost all employees at all corporations [me included] they are probably overworked and underpaid. 


On the contrary, people like you who have posted close to 10,000+ responses are basically lay experts. People like you I would rely on when complex issues arise. I would assume you do this [being active on this forum] more for fun/hobby than work, being you do not get paid by the company. Therefore if a new issues arises I would assume being in your positions [of having experience, enthusiasm, and time] would be more than happy to help me. I appreciate you bumping this up and even replying as I realize you do not owe me or anyone else an ounce of energy but I personally have the philosophy that the best comment is no comment, especially when there is nothing of use to help me with.


Thank you nonetheless.


Best Regards,


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Thanks Y'all for your responses and wishes. I know the best and the brightest are working on this and I am confident this will be a good learning opportunity for everyone in the company and community. 


Meanwhile I am still trucking away and am currently on plan E [i think]. I am going to access my .exb file another way. 


            If there is a way there is a will. If it can be done, it will be done. 


I shall be taking that file apart with my bare hands. 


Evernote for Windows keeps data in SQLite databases, so the SQLite viewer could be used to access them.


...I shall let you know the verdict.

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According to our latest response on Monday, looks like it is a corrupted note that is causing the trouble, possibly within your local notebooks.  Follow the tech's instructions and we'll be on our way.  Thanks!

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I'm in the same place as a fix to his problem would fix mine as well.   I'm not an engineer and don't have as much patience to explain all the ins and outs as he did.   Great job explaining...  Everything was going fine and I think it was on the most recent update. 

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