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(Archived) Problem finding words in Word documents



Hi all,


I am running EN on a Mac. Mountain Lion 10.8.4. EN is Version 5.2.0 (401472), and I am a premium member. 


I have added some Word Documents to notebooks earlier this morning. This evening, when I try to search for words that I know are in some of these documents, all it shows is the attached word doc, and doesn't highlight where the word is, like it does when it finds words in a PDF or photo. Is this just the way it's set up, or am I doing something wrong?


I've attached a Skitch screenshot here, with some of my personal info blocked out, to show you what I see when it finds a doc that has the word in it. When I open the doc shown it doesn't highlight the word, which I guess would make sense if it's an attachment and using a separate program to open it? 


Thanks for your help!


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That is expected behavior for when you're not showing an office document preview. However, there is a bug with the current Mac App Store version of Evernote that prevents it from showing inline office documents (which would prevent it from highlighting search results). You can either download the latest Evernote 5.2 from us or wait for us to get a bug fix through the Mac App Store.

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This is an old topic, and I am not sure if you are going to see this, but, a few months later, the problem is happening again. Any docs attached to evernote are not working right when I search for words within them. Instead of finding the word, the whole page gets highlighted in yellow as if it all matches the search criteria, which is obviously not right. 


i re-downloaded Evernote from the site and reinstalled, and it still does it. Any suggestions, or any more info you can provide, would be very helpful. 


I run Version 5.3.0 (401872), on an Intel iMac, OSX 10.8.5. 


Thank you!

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