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(Archived) A question regarding the Skitch online help

John Hyams

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Hi! We're really glad you appreciate the user guides.


We've looked at Content management systems and Learning management systems, but ultimately built these pages ourselves using PHP and javascript. Each Product x Device Guide is a separate file, and the pull-down switches between the different device guides. Each topic of the guide (left-nav) is just one <div> section of the same file. The responsive / scaling by device is done with CSS. 


Two features we're proud of:

1) Fully responsive. It looks beautiful on iPhone, Android tablets, Windows desktop, Windows 8, Mac... 

2) Designed to be translated. We do a few things to make it easy to translate, such as using icons instead of screenshots, keeping text simple, and using video and language in video sparingly. Humans translate all our content and typically the turnaround is just a few days from start to finish. Change between languages using the pull-down at the bottom right of the page.






More great things to come!


-Brian Tobin

Director of Learning


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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