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(Archived) Pictures... scale to width possible?


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Been searching for a few days now and haven't been able to find anything other than 1 post explaining that Evernote (for Windows) scales to width. The post was  over a year ago and not related to Android, and rather than bumping old threads, I thought I'll give this a try.


My issue is fairly simple, yet I cannot work out how to solve it. 


Assume I have 2 pictures. One is 600 pixels of height by 600 wide. The second is 3600 pixels of height by 600 wide.


The first will display properly, that is no scaling of any kind - presumably, I thought, because the 600 wide is slightly less than my phone width. The second picture is an issue, it scales it down so that the height of 3600 pixels can be seen completely. However this means the picture becomes so small, the text in it cannot be read. There is also a lot of white to the right of the picture.

Can I not scale to width on android? Most of my pictures are about 600 pixels wide, but all of these vary in height (between 300 and 6000 pixels) Btw, running latest Evernote premium on HTC One X. 




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