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(Archived) Skitch Sharing to personal SFTP.


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Hi there, long time user of Skitch - and as of this new version tied to evernote it is killing me.


After a few bug updates and different settings I have Skitch uploading to my personal SFTP. The images are uploading to correct place on my sever. That is finally working ok.


Now I can't copy the URL to the image I have just uploaded! What is the point in uploading if you can't copy the URL?


im running V2.6.1 which I just downloaded direct from evernote.com/skitch


When I share the skitch to my SFTP then hit Command + / it copies an Evernote link not a link to my SFTP.

I have said this to support numerous times - I will never use evernote and skitch together. I'm sure I am not the only one.

The number of times I use screenshots for work during the day my Evernote would be so full of ***** in a week.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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