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Cooliris iOS app - Awesome visual & sharing experience for Evernote photos


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We just released a new version of the Cooliris mobile app yesterday with support for your Evernote photos, which means you can now access all of the photos from your Evernote on your iPad and iPhone in our stunning Cooliris 3D wall experience. Would love for you all to try it out and let us know your feedback on this initial integration.

Some cool features in the app: 
  1. We integrated Evernote search so you can easily search your photos using the name of the image, note or notebook, and also using the text recognition search feature to find any text of handwritings in your photos 
  2. You can share your Evernote photos directly to Facebook or for more private viewing, send them to a group of friends or anyone in your family in private conversations. 
  3. You can also easily transfer photos across multiple services. Bulk save photos your Evernote photos to your iPhone/iPad, Dropbox or Google Drive as you wish! 
The Cooliris app is free in the iTunes App Store. To connect Evernote to the Cooliris app, just tap the [+] icon on the home screen of Cooliris and select Evernote.

We love to hear your use cases for how you use Evernote to collect photos, and any features you think would be kickass for the Evernote experience in Cooliris. Also, quick survey - should we add Business Notebooks and Shared notebooks for the next release? Would love to know how many Evernote users would want to see this!
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Tried this app today, and it definitely has potential. I am a regular Evernote User, and i was surprised to see some of the older pics which i had added. This app has potential, a lot of it, but somehow i didn't like the interface, especially when i moved the pics around, the pics were in a kind of slide down position which was actually giving me a headache.


Once integrated with Dropbox and other social media ( already present in app) , this app can really do well. But, would it be an essential-live without app ? I am not so sure.
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This app could be an amazing way to view photos/images from Evernote. I have near 9,000 photos in one of my notebooks but the app loads only 65. Also I can't re-launch the app after I quit it. It always crashes on startup. I suspect my account is too big for it. :/

From what I've seen, I like it, hopefully you guys will make it work.

I also would like to view photos by Tags (not just Notebooks)

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