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(Archived) Yahoo email app?

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I'm new here, so forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this.


I have an app in my Yahoo email for Dropbox that allows me to save attachments directly to Dropbox. What I would LOVE is an app like the Web Clipper that will allow me to copy important emails in to Evernote. Is there anything like that out there? (I've been using Web Clipper and selecting "article," but I feel that there should be something better.)


Thanks in advance.



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If you run a Windows desktop version of Evernote,  there's something called an 'Import Folder' where you can store files that will then be sucked into your Evernote database.  You can set a DropBox folder as an Import Folder,  which would allow you to save the attachments into Evernote.  Sadly the same doesn't apply for Yahoo Mail - although that's a web-based application so presumably the web clipper or Clearly will give you a copy of the page you can see..

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Thanks for the quick responses. No, my desktop version is on my Mac, so that won't help.


I do have my texts from my phone backing up to Gmail, so maybe I'll look into floating those over to Evernote.


It would be great to have something for email. If I new anything about programming, I'd look into it :)


In the meantime, I discovered the evernote email address, so I'm just forwarding the emails to my evernote account. A bit cumbersome, but it works :)


thanks again.



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