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(Archived) Examples of Related Notes "Magic"

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You'd think, working at Evernote, I'd have some in-tune and on-time ability to immediatley "know" how to work the app.  And while I'm on it every minute of every day (Mac/Windows/iPhone/iPad) sometimes it can still surprise me.  Case in point: Related Notes were a passing fancy at first, reminding me of past stuff I'd tossed at Evernote.  Now they're growing in utility for me.


I was building a shopping list, primarily of ingredients from the grocery store for me to tick off as I shopped. The Related Notes area began suggesting noted recipes from my recipes notebook (clipped through Food), which contained the ingredients I was about to go out and buy.  I picked up the ingredients that night, added a few to ensure I could complete the recipe, and was able to knock out two quality recipes I'd wanted to cook, but hadn't considered until presented with the Related Note saying "hey man, you can totally make me, you've got what you need."


Completely simple, yet totally unexpected. I dig it.

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