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(Archived) Evernote not installing on Windows 8 (Packard Bell PC)

Peter Waymel

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Hi Forum members,


I'm trying to being using Evernote, and have a problem installing it on my new Windows 8 program on my PC. Windows 8 comes with the Evernote app already as an option, you just have to click on that tile from the list of apps, or go to the Windows 8 - from the tiles menu - and select it and select "install". When I do either (I've even tried disinstalling Evernote and then re-downloading it from the store) I get the big green Evernote screen, but then it simply loads forever (those little white balls going in a circle, from the Packard Bell software or Windows 8). It loads ad infinitum and never actually gets to the point where it's installed, or even to another screen. 


Any ideas?


Thanks a million, 



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Hi Peter,


Thanks for posting. This sounds pretty unusual that it never finishes loading. You haven't even signed in or anything, correct? May I also ask the general specs of your machine?

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