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Firefox Web Clipper 5.8 Beta



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Hi all,

We have a new beta version of the Firefox Web Clipper that adds PDF clipping support with the setting 'Send Clips to Web'.


Get the build here:



And post any issues or feedback to this thread.


Can you please explain what you mean by "adds PDF clipping support"?


Do you mean capture the web page as a PDF and send to Evernote?

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I tried the 5.8 Clipper and got the same "cannot install" message on Firefox 23.  I'm on Win XP SP3.


This add-on used to work well and I relied on it extensively.  What's the file Firefox can't modify?


Didn't fix this bug.  Please help us out here.  Thanks.

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Hi!  I have the same problem.  I had reset Firefox and uninstalled all my addons because they were interfering with application testing (I'm a developer).


With NO other addons installed at all, Evernote Web Clipper refuses to install,with the message:




In thread http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/37162-unable-to-install-web-clipper-in-firefox-instal-in/ someone outlines a process where you create a new profile, delete everything in it, copy your old profile in to it, and restart, which seems to work around the problem.


Is this the recommended workaround?



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