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(Archived) Evernote Sync issues

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I have recently started using Evernote and have been very happy so far. I currently use it on my home and my office computer. To date I am a free user. Just 2 days before the end of my 60MB cycle I tried to load a larger amount of files from my home computer and thereby hit my Usage limit. The new files are on the local evernote client, but I have not been able to sync them to the web client of Evernote. I still have about 30MB left in space on my Web client and from my work computer I can still sync files. Any ideas why the sync from the home computer doesn't work anymore, but it still works from the work computer? Basically work computer and web client are in sync while home client is not (hit usage limit on this one but files have not been synced with web.)



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The "usage limit" you mention is actually an upload limit, and applies to your whole account (i.e., uploads from all of your various clients go against your upload limit).

So at a guess: You hit the limit by adding files from your home computer (you have a file larger than 30MB, perhaps?) -- the files that cannot be synced there are not going to be on the Evernote server, so will not appear in the web client or be synced to your work computer. However, you apparently have enough upload limit left so you can still sync from your work computer, so those should go through, and appear in the web client and also on your home computer.

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Thanks Jeff,


I think I understand what you are saying - none of the files I uploaded on my home computer were extremely big (all below 10 MB). Until I hit the limit they all uploaded to my home client (usage box is now red 60MB reached) so currently I cannot upload any further files from my home computer (cycle over tonight) but I can still upload directly to web account or from office computer as I have about 30 MB left. That is what does not make sense to me, the different amounts of usage between home client (60MB) work client (30MB) and web client (30MB) shouldn't this show the same figure in all clients? I want to still wait and see if everything is fixed after the cycle starts over again (tomorrow). In case it isn't my plan would be to delete the notes/files which I uploaded on my home client and didn't sync with the web and then  try again. Any other suggestions?



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