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(Archived) Premium: Change view of PDFs




I really love evernote, it changed my document managment completely.

I do have a question / feature request though:

If I add more than one multi-page pdf-document to one note it quickly gets hard to maintain an oversight over everything.

While the viewing of PDFs inside evernote is great for 90% of the time, there are 10% where I have multiple PDFs that I want to attach to ONE note - and it would be much more simple if they were not visible as the whole document but same as e.g. word-documents (only a small "attachment" box).

Is there any setting to disable the full-view for PDFs?

If not, this turns into a feature request 8) : Please add this functionality - preferably on a per-note- and per-attachment-basis.

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I second that request and extend it to other file types like JPG. Ideally this should be an option: embed vs. attach. In some cases, it is great to have the PDF or the JPG content displayed. But in other cases, I just want to attach the files for future storage. Perhaps prompt me when I'm dragging files into a Note to ask what I want to do.


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I'm still interested in this.

Here's my use case: I put multi-page PDFs in my dissertation research database, and I'd like to be able to read them page-by-page and take reader's notes on them--- ideally within the same note. I've tried making a 2-column table, then putting the PDF in the left column and the notes in the right column--- but that only works for the first page of the PDF, since scrolling down to see page 2 loses my notes. If I had an option to view the PDF in a note either as "all pages" or with one page on the screen at a time, I could pick the latter and I think it would work with my table trick.

Alternately, possibly a more general solution: a useful 2-pane view where I can view 2 separate notes simultaneously--- the PDF in one pane, and a separate note for my annotations in the other.

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Thanks for the feedback. For now, I think the best way to achieve this would be to put the PDFs in separate notes and then double-click on them to view them in separate windows. You could then put these windows side-by-side and choose the desired zoom level for each PDF.

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has there been any progress? it's been nearly a year.

I'd like to repeat my reason for wish this.

I love to use notes to collect documents belonging to one event (e.g. a meeting). often those documents are multi-page PDFs, Word docs.

If I have just word docs it would be perfect - I can arrange a lot of them into one note (with comments in between) and it still stays clearly arranged.

If I add a multi-page PDF in between, it makes the whole note confusing, especially if the PDF is like 20 pages long.

If there was an option when right-clicking a PDF ("show as attachment") and it then would show like word documents - that would be GREAT.

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I need this feature too.

I log my physics experiment at a lab using Evernote everyday. During each experiment, I create many (sometimes more than 100) graphs and histograms to display the experiment data and compile them into some PDF files, and then attache them to an Evernote entry. However, as martinf pointed out, Evernote extend the all of PDF pages inline. Due to this "feature", it is very hard to write my comments between attached PDF file positions. I have to scroll hundreds of pages to read only a few line of my comments.

I really need a button which toggles "multiple-page inline display" and "only PDF icons (or title pages)" in a future version.

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Please respond to this request.

I really like evernote but at the moment it's not very nice to archive multiple PDFs in a single note ("meeting1...") or a large PDF document.

I'm hoping that it wouldn't be too hard to give the option to show PDF just like you show word docs, excel files and so on.

This would complete my evernote experience.

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