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(Archived) Using Two different version of the Desktop Client



I have two computers that are fairly modern and run Mountain Lion.  I use the app store version of the program on them.  I also have various iPhones and iPods.  But after a near theft of my Laptop while on the road, I've descided I really don't want to do any distance traveling with it anymore.  I dug out my ancient, 13" PowerBook G4, reformatted the drive and installed Leopard on it (the highest it's capable of running.)  I would LIKE to install a version of Evernote on it and sync it to the rest of my notes.  But is that safe?  Using two VERY different versions on two very different OS's?


Failing that 'ideal' situation, if I created a freebie account for that machine and shared one of my existing folders, would that represent any danger?


In general, I'm asking for any advice and/or wisdom anyone has on the topic.  Thanks.

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I use Evernote on an iPad, a MacBook Air and an Android phone. 3 different versions of the software with 3 very different OSs. Evernote is designed to be cross platform, to be useable from multiple different devices.

Best of luck.

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