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(Archived) Run Android Phone version on Tablet


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Is there a way to force Evernote for Android to run the phone version on my Nexus 7 tablet?


The reason I'm asking is because the tag tree on the phone version acts the way a person would expect, pressing the back button will go up on level on the tag tree. The tablet version of Android shows the main menu slide out whenever I press the back key, and it's impossible to go up a level on the tag tree without going through the tag tree from the start.


EDIT: Okay, I figured out there is a button near the top of each level of the tag tree that allows one to go up the tree one level. I was accustomed to using the back button on my phone that I didn't realize there was a way to do it on the tablet using a back arrow at the top of the tree. I'll leave this post up in case others come across the same confusion.

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