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pdf markup workflow



I'm new to evernote and skitch, and on the 30 day trial with pdf markup. I am a researcher with a lot of pdf docs. Trying to figure out the best workflow between skitch and evernote. How do I open a pdf that I already have in Evernote, in Skitch? Can't seem to get that to happen. If I open a pdf in skitch, I can get it saved in evernote with the markups, and new markups will update in evernote. I understand that if an evernote pdf is opened in skitch, then saved back to evernote, that a new copy is saved so that both the original and markup file exist. I don't like this as I will have twice as many files. But I can't even get that to happen because I can't figure out how to open an evernote pdf in skitch.


There is sure a lot of opportunity to integrate skitch with evernote; it would be nice to have seamless functionality.


I'd appreciate any pointers as I continue my test drive.



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One problem I have noticed is annotation done with PDFPen Pro does not show up when opening the PDF in Skitch. I would love to be able to use the Stamps (which don't exist in PDFPen) to annotate docs already highlighted in PDFPen, but only Text and box markups come up. Any ideas why highlighting doesn't show up in Skitch?

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Welcome. I should have mentioned that Evernote version is a beta. It may have some bugs, or some of the final icons and workflow may change before the final version. It is representative of the final product and should meet your needs. 

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