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(Archived) Organizing notebooks and tags

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(Newbie questions, if they have already been answered then please point me in the right direction as I have searched the forums unsuccessfully).

1. In general, are there any documents that describe work-flow models for using EV?

After a few days of use I am leaning towards having just two notebooks (local and synchronized) and using tags and searching for organizing the entries.

2. What is the value of nested tags?

They seem only to be useful for reducing tag clutter, is this true? Or can they be used for something more?

Reducing tag clutter is good, but doesn't the inability to use the same sub-tag in multiple tags make this feature pretty useless? I must be missing something here.



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1. The amount of organization you use (tags & notebooks) seems to vary heavily between different users. Some people want to spend a lot of time placing fine-grained organizational labels on their notes to be able to easily browse them later. Others use only a handful of notebooks and tags and rely on our flexible search engine to find notes based on content and context instead. I'm personally more in the second category, but we have many people with thousands of tags and dozens of notebooks.

2. Yes, tags are an organizational tool to help you find notes, and the hierarchy is just an organizational tool for that organizational tool, to help you hide the ones you're not interested in at a given time.

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One thing that bugs me about the tag hierarchy is that it doesn't seem possible to search/filter on a parent tag. E.g. if I have tags "updates" and "status" as children of tag: "TPSreports" I can't see all items that are tagged with either of the subtags. (I can do "any: tag:updates tag:status", but this is clumsy if there are many subtags)

Would it be possible to include all subtagged items when you click on a tag in its collapsed state in the tag list, or perhaps some new search syntax (e.g. "parenttag:TPSreports")?


Edit: saibot error - this has already been raised on the forum e.g. here

Edit2: As a workaround I numbered my tags: 1 TPSreports; 1-1 updates; 1-2 status. Now I can type "tag:1*" in the search box to get the rolled up results

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Evernote Desktop version is really lacking. If you're wanting to know how many notes are in each tag, (for desktop, as of now // 12.3.12) it's a no win situtaion. This new version really isn't my favorite. To be honest, I'm really neglecting EN because of the inability to see my stuff. And... if you're into GTD, you can't do a proper review without seeing where you're at in each tag. (I know, I know... "Just use the online version". Then what's the use of even having it on my computer?

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Evernote Desktop version is really lacking. If you're wanting to know how many notes are in each tag, (for desktop, as of now // 12.3.12)

The Evernote for Windows desktop client gives this information just fine.

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