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(Archived) Crashes on Windows Surface


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Updated to the latest version today but still cant use it on Windows Surface due to Evernote crashing on sync...

Why do I pay for a service that is buggy on Windows 8?


Evernote fix it or refund my money...

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Hi - sorry to hear about the problems.  This is a user forum,  so refunds are kind of above our pay grade - have you submitted a support request? - See my signature below.  They're the guys who can tell you whether or not this is a major issue.

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I am suffering the same problem like WVDS, for quite a while now.

With the former version of Evernote Touch I had a workaround. I copied the Evernote Touch DB from my Win8Pro device to my surface and it worked.

But with the new version this seems to be not possible anymore, if doing so the app crash instantly.


@gazumped: I contacted the Evernote support because of this issue, on the former Evernote Touch version, but honestly this was quite poor and unproffesionel what I got, as all my contacts with the Evernot Support so far.


I dont want to complain, I am always keen to find myself a workaround too and if I find one which I can live with I am ok.


But the new version of Evernote Touch on my Surface I can not work and have no workaround.

And I am really dont want to go through the whole time wasting try to get support from Evernote -> sorry but from my last tries I am really frustrated.


Any help is very much appreciated!

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I managed yesterday to get all my notes synced to Evernote Touch on my Surface RT.

As it was obvious that the whole notes are not syncronized at once I tried to do it in pieces.

I assume that at any time the transfered data is to much to be processed, for what reason ever.


So what I did was to sit in front of my surface and close the Evernote Touch app all approx. 2-4 minutes.

In my split screen I monitored with the Windows Task Manager the data transfered over the WLAN.

It took me approx. 2 hours but I finally got all notes synced an it works now.


The daily update syncs made no problem so far.

I had only one crash after collecting a photo note, but after restart the note was there and nothing got lost.

I am able to work now and I appreciate it, but looking forward to further improvements to the Evernote Touch App :-)


I just wanted to let you know, it may help anyone.

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