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Why does EN insert a line space before bullet points?


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This is one of those little irritations I've always just ignored, but it's starting to move from little to immensely irritating :).  Why does EN always insert a line space before bullet points?  Why can't users decide if they want a line spaces?!


If there is a way around this I am all ears.

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I find this equally as infuriating, almost to the point of making me consider switching to OneNote or some other application that has greater formatting capabilities.  I take an immense amount of notes in my classes, and formatting is particularly important for organization.  


With an extra line under each bullet, it looks like a new paragraph.  I'd like to start new sections/paragraphs on my on accord, thank you very much!


Does Evernote respond to such complaints?  Is there a better place to submit requests?

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Evernote does not very often respond to suggestions like this: they certainly don't give a roadmap of what they plan to do. However, those who have spent a lot of time on this forum do know that they certainly do read the posts. Searching, or browsing, on this forum will certainly show lots of threads discussing problems with the editor. The only suggestion I have seen is that you copy your notes to Microsoft Word to clean them up, then paste back to Evernote. Certainly not ideal, but it does work.

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This is a big issue for me as well, and one of the reasons why I initially stopped using Evernote.  Unfortunately I didn't find anything better in other areas that Evernote does well.


However, this problem is not just on Windows, but Mac and Mobile as well.  And unfortunately on Mac, I haven't been able to get the copy to Microsoft Word trick to work.  Has anyone been able to do it?


It's not just a problem with a space before the bullets, but after, too.  No way to adjust tab spacing.  And many other editor issues.  The editor has been and still is the #1 problem with Evernote, which is unfortunate because that is where I am 95% of the time.  Some argue that Evernote is just for simple notes, and I can agree with that.  But simple notes including making lists of items, which the built in Notes app in OS X does even better.  For example, if you insert dashes, it automatically aligns them (i.e. makes them bullet points).  I am stuck with using dashes manually to avoid the weird spacing behaviour.


If it's only supposed to be for simple notes, then why include such fancy features such as adding tables?  Which I love by the way, just make it easier to add/delete multiple rows/columns.  So many fancy editor options, but no control over spacing, tabs, and other things.  Even the built in OS X notepad has support for that.


I really wish Evernote listened to its users, instead of putting more resources to new apps like Evernote Food, first please fix the existing issues.  We need good engineers to implement robust features which should have been there long ago.  Whenever I meet other Evernote users and watch them use Evernote, I see they do the exact same workarounds and have the same frustrations as me.


I had faith Evernote would get to these things as there was a time when they went from barely usable on Mac to very useful in a short period of time.  But then they stopped.  I sadly won't be continuing with my Premium membership any longer when it expires.  I doubt this will make Evernote listen, but I can't justify paying extra for it when I've had to resort to saving PDFs at times and attaching them to Evernote when I couldn't get the editor working the way I needed it to.  And if I just want to sync PDFs across computers, there are better apps than Evernote.


Good job on everything so far, Evernote, if you can hammer out the last 2% of the editor, then you'd have a product that I'd be using for life! :)

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100% agree with this post. Evernote has great sync, but the basic note-taking features are crippled (in an app designed to take notes!!).


I've begged for simple styles in the past -- nothing fancy, just a way to apply a bunch of formatting using a single click (I'm not even worried that it should remember the style). Do we get anything like that? Nope, we get Evernote pens, and t-shirts, and EN Food. This is a company that seems to have lost direction.


The lack of editing and confused approach to tags has made me give up on EN. I'm dumping my Premium sub and moving to other tools that work professionally, even at the expense of losing some cross-device syncing.


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