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(Archived) BUG: Photos taken on the phone are shrinked if they content text


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Hi, I am suffering with the terrible bug. Support did not help, so I am hoping that someone perhaps found a solution or I could at least find people having the same issue and raise a priority for Evernote to investigate this.


When I take a photo directly into the Evernote on my Android phone, if that photo contains recongizable text, it is shrinked to 180x240 pixel and is of no use. Strangely it happens after the sync, not in the phone itself. When I check the note in the phone immediately after taking it, it is saved ok. But after the sync, it is shrinked on the server a synced back unusable. It does not happen if the photo is just a photo (nature, people and etc.), but if it is a scan of the paper with text, it happens in more than 50% of times. 


Unfortunatelly for me, I am using Evernote mainly for this purpose - scanning document with my phone or tablet... and this makes it very annoying. The whole issue started 3 months ago after one of the updates. I have tried many things, the issue is not device specific (Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Asus Transporter - same issue). Here is the example how my notes look like: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s92/sh/7d49f738-d909-4ec8-9c79-2413d43015c1/6b835d87916731377f985c647b5301d7


If you could point me out to any solution or perhaps have the idea what to try, it would be very appreciated.

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Raise a support ticket if this is happening on the server.  (See link below) 


What resolution is the camera set to when you take your pictures?  Do you also have a copy of the original saved back to a camera roll?  (Check in Gallery)  What happens if you replace a shrunken picture with a full size original from the gallery?

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