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(Archived) 4 search function issues



I'm still having awful issues with the search function of Evernote (for Mac).



How can I search for a composed term as in "this is a test"

as it is possible in google, yahoo, Spotlight, ...



Is it possible to change the search result list by

- first showing search results containing the search term in the note titles and

- then showing the other search results containing the term?

I would say query results based on findings in headlines are way more relevant than the content. Or not?

And is there any chance of highlighting the search term in the note list?



In general I find it very very confusing to basically have two search result lists. One as an incremental dropdown-list directly beneath the search field containing suggestions, while my notes in the background are a result list aswel. Am I able to disable the first one?



Have you ever pressed 'alt-cmd-F' twice?

I have no idea whats focused, the keyboard is basically deactivated. Every entry is an error. I am forced to use the mouse to SOMEHOW leave this state.




How can I leave search mode anyway without having to use the mouse? 'Esc' basically hides the (first) search result dropdown list.

Edit 3:
Why are symbols as '#' or '@' not involved in search expressions?
Edit 2:
Please PLEASE pay more attention implementing keyboard controls Evernote Team. Please! Its not even possible to un-delete a note with 'cmd-Z'.
Besides: navigating within Evernote, moving focus with tab/shift-tab is so so inconsistant. Sometimes I have no idea where I am. Nothing is highlighted. I find my self having to click somewhere so often just to set focus to a note title, search result list etc.
I don't want to speak for my self but I think this is a biggy for power users
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1. Yes

2. Sorry, but this isn't the way our search grammar works. You can specify title contents by using something like this: intitle:"kitten mittens"

3. No, sorry. This is standard search behavior. (See Google/Yahoo/Bing/etc)

4. Seems fine to me.

5. Not currently.


Keyboard shortcuts are very important to us too! Hopefully we'll be able to give you something workable soon!

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