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(Archived) Evernote Meetup Townsville Australia 20 July 2013

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Any way that you can I'd say - invite any local business groups in that area; any locals from internet groups you belong to; local press and local media;  the local elderly community; any local schools / universities.  Get a good venue that you can start with a small group around the bar,  then move out to a wider space if you gets lots of visits.  There's no such thing as too much publicity...



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'One day' we'll start asking for users to update their profile with general location info like city/state/country info, so that you could pull up a list of community members within driving distance. 


For now, I'll pin this up, you may get some interest through here.  In the month of June, we had about 15,000 visits from users in Australia, which is our number 5 country after the US, UK, Japan, and Canada (in that order).


If you have a registration page like what is offered at meetup.com or eventbrite or whatever is localish to Australia, that would be helpful too.  Depending on your RSVP capacity (say you get 30ish plus) I'll see about us sending along a package of Evernote swag for the event.

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