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(Archived) Tabs in Notes?


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I currently use Evernote (as a Premium member) for most of my cross platform note needs. Currently there is still one area where I have not yet migrated off of Microsoft OneNote. I'm looking for suggestions on how to best handle this migration, as I would like to complete the migration off of OneNote.


It has to do with Research topics. Currently I do Research on a number of areas. This research material could be used for future white papers, articles, books, etc. Research includes anythings from short notes, to included items from other sources like scanned images, PDFs,, photos, etc. I'll pick on one research area and describe my current approach with OneNote.


I'm currently researching Locomotives, Freight cars, and passenger cars owned the Bangor & Aroostook Railroad. The railroad owned close to a hundred locomotives in its history, plus hundreds of freight cars and numerous passenger cars. So I have one notebook each for Locomotives, Freight Cars, and Passenger Cars. Then within each notebook -- let's take Locomotives as an example -- I have separate tabs for each locomotive. Then as I either find and want to add notes, or want to reference my collected notes, I simply flip to the tab for that specific locomotive, And either add my additional notes, or view the notes/research I've already collected.


Now the question -- what's best way to organize this in the EverNote environment? Just thinking about creating a notebook for Locomotives and then one note per locomotive? That's going to be a lot of notes to start appearing the navigation views... Is that the best model? Just thinking about navigating through numerous notes in a given notebook. Or is there a better method?


Thanks in advance!




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Hi - interesting research! If I were doing that I'd probably start off with one notebook and split off others if there were special need; but if you use a subject line for your notes that says what the content is all about - "loco - 1875 - 0-6-0" (or some such) you can always find intitle:"loco" for all your trains,  or find by year or other description to identify one specific item.


Depending on how long your notes could get if you keep on appending data,  I'd suggest you use the same format and keep more than one note per item.  A sufficiently specific search will find all the notes for a specific train or car and order them by the date you made them.


Keeping it simple is always the best strategy - and one of Evernote's strengths is its search function...

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