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(Archived) Slow Sync in OS X





I'm running 5.2.0 Beta 2 and finally have been able to complete an initial sync. However, I've noticed that when I launch EN it will take upwards to 2-3 hours to snyc--this after maybe 2 days of not running and only 100-200 notes added. Normal time on my PC is measured in minutes to sync up when starting.


Activity log show many (thousands++) of these messages:


INFO: Server sent updated resource with guid 'fe1b6a4e-xxxx-xxxx-9c4d-45975178b3d3' which we don't have.  Ignoring.


I've noticed this since getting my rMBP last year and am curious if others running multiplatform see the same issue (i.e., slow on OS X, fast under WIndows)? I'm just trying to find some way to speed up the process because right now it's impossible to quickly start EN and then start taking notes. The delay kills the editor response time.


Running OS X 10.8.4, Retina Macbook Pro (mid-2012) and EN Version 5.2.0 Beta 2 (401409)



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