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(Archived) Daily reinstall


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First I went several months with trying to install the upgrade. Everytime I tried it crashed midway through.

I followed several forum ideas and finally it installed - or so I thought.

Now every morning I am greeted with the message:

Evernote 4.6.6 Public (268868) is ready to be installed

Would you like to install the new version now?


If I select yes, the software seemingly installs, and the program begins to run.

And yet the next morning the same message.


I do love the Evernote program - but they really should do a better job with their software upgrades.


Can anyone recommend a solution?

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It sounds like this is Windows.

Assuming that the Evernote software works fine for most people, then it stands to reason that something in your environment might be causing the problem (not your fault, of course), and one way to find out would be to throw it onto another machine, or do a clean install of your OS and then install just Evernote to see what happens. I can't guarantee that either of these processes will reveal the problem, but it is one thing you can do on your end to narrow down the problem. Contacting support (see my signature) to talk with the experts can't hurt either :)

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I get that occasionally - usually just after I used a system cleaner to remove unwanted files and registry junk.  Mine fixes itself after an 'install' or two.  I think someone did find the file/ registry key that you need to change to avoid this behaviour,  but to avoid exciting editing experiences I'd suggest you just use Revo uninstaller to get rid of your current version of Evernote and reinstall.


Make sure you export any local notes,  backup your database and exit Evernote completely before you uninstall.  And beware that if you have a large database you may not see all your notes in a desktop client for a while.  (You can still see all of them at any time in the web version though.)

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